Returns Policy

As with most food and beverage companies, our products are non-returnable. If your product has arrived damaged, or if you have any concerns please email us at info@matheorganics.com.

What do I do if my order has arrived damaged?

Please email us at info@matheorganics.com and we will be happy to resolve your issue.


There is lots of sediment in the bottom of my drink, what is it?

All the good stuff! Our products are entirely natural and made with ingredients that can be counted on one hand. Since we only use the best, organic ingredients, we keep some of the pulp from when we squeeze the citrus fruits. We want to waste as little as possible and love the ingredients as they come; natural and delicious.

Where are Mathé Organics drinks made?

They are made with love, in a factory in Italy. 

Are there are any preservatives in Mathé Organics?

Absolutely not! We are totally organic and natural, only including all the good stuff so that you can live a healthy and happier life, without damaging the planet or your body with any nasties.

Is your packaging recyclable? 

100%! Good vibes only at Mathé Organics, meaning we are set on reducing our impact on the environment as much as possible. Please recycle your bottles and packaging and be a part of our mission to create global happiness and health.

What is an agrume?

A citrus fruit. At Mathé Organics we specifically use only the best; hand-harvested straight from the soils of Sicily. Our two blends made with Sicilian Lemons and Sicilian Blood Oranges are the perfect balance between sour and sweet, whilst being healthy and undeniably delicious!


How to drink Limonada Mathé?

Our drinks are best served chilled, either straight from the fridge or over ice. Shake the Limonada Mathé bottle before drinking to get the good stuff whirring. It is also a great mixer for cocktails, and we even love to add a sprig of mint for an extra special treat. It’s delicious! 

How to drink Aranciada Mathé?

Due to its natural fizz, rather than shaking Aranciada Mathé, turn it upside down two or three times before serving. Over ice, in a cocktail or simply drunk straight from the chilled bottle on the go; it will give you the plant-powered, uplifting kick you are looking for. 


Is Mathé Organics vegan?

Yes! We are totally organic and natural, therefore we are vegan friendly. 

What ages is Mathé Organics suitable for?

Mathé Organics is a healthier option compared to fizzy drinks, as we are all natural. Due to the caffeine content though, we recommend it for 5 years and up - the perfect after school, sweet treat. In fact, yerba mate tea, which is the basis of our drinks, has been drunk by all ages in South America for hundreds of years - it is totally safe and delicious!

How many calories are in Mathé Organics?

Only 60 calories and it is all natural sugars! Sweet, right?

How is Mathé Organics caffeinated? 

Our drinks are packed full of yerba mate and guarana; two South American plants that contain natural caffeine. Totally healthy, totally organic and totally delicious, giving you an uplifting kick, from sunrise to sunset.


Why is Mathé Organics good for the planet?

Our mission at Mathé Organics is to achieve global happiness and health through feeding the body and soul. This means that we want to have as little impact on the planet as possible, whilst creating a community that looks after each other and the world around them. All our packaging is recyclable and we source as locally to our factory as possible in Southern Italy where we promote workers rights.